About Speeda Mobile

Prefered ICT Partner.

About Speeda Mobile

Speeda Mobile started in Uganda as a digital innovations and ICT company. Speeda Mobile provides bespoke ICT solutions that enables businesses across Africa to reduce costs and improve efficiency of their day-to-day operations

In order to meet its strategic objectives, management continuously adopts ways and means aimed at having efficient operations by optimally utilizing the available resources. SPEEDA MOBILE shall adopt sound business practices that will enable it to perform to the expectations of all stakeholders

SPEEDA MOBILE believes that the future of business is digital, and only those organizations that will learn to master digital will survive. As your technology partners, Speeda Mobile will identify new ways and means of improving efficiency and cutting costs using technology.

Company Objectives

  • Be our client's trusted technology partner, with a 360 degree menu
  • Provide innovative ICT solutions and products that are fit for purpose
  • Promote the use of opensource software on the African continent
  • Provide effective but affordable solutions for the bottom of the chain